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JAR Technologies provide enterprises with state of the art network infrastructure solutions that help save your business money while keeping your network connected. Our consultants, engineers, and security experts are ready to help you choose and implement the right solution. From the initial consultation to after development security and service, find out why JAR Technologies is the premier IT network solution for your business.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing has become more and more popular for a good reason. Cloud infrastructure provides all the benefits of physical server rooms while keeping your budget under control. Cloud infrastructure offers a portable and secure way to connect your enterprise keeping your business running smoothly.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Utilizing an IT managed service provider can be the best option for mid-market and small businesses. You decide what you need, and we build it and keep it running, allowing you to allocate resources to your primary business. Managed IT infrastructure service enables you to scale as your business grows with a team of experts.

Network Security

Keep your infrastructure and data secure with our network security services. We can help you find gaps in your IT infrastructure and help you secure or create access points to keep you from suffering high-cost breaches. If your company is in a highly regulated industry, contact us to find the security solution for you.

Data Centers

Managed data centers provide your company with the full functionality of a self-managed center with the convenience of our team handling upgrades, repairs, and services. Our team will help discover your data needs and implement the right data center solution for your company. Managed data centers help keep you secure while watching your IT budget.


Cloud computing has brought the workplace worldwide. Portability allows all your employees and partners access to essential data and apps to keep business flowing no matter where you are. Our engineers can help design the cloud infrastructure on major platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Our team is ready to get you mobile.

Tele-Presence/Video Conferencing

As workplace portability and alternate workspaces become more popular, the need for a new meeting solution has risen. We can help design and implement your custom virtual meeting space through video and teleconferencing. Don’t trust boxed video platforms when you can have a custom solution. Keep your team, vendors, and customers connected.

Cloud Security

Keep your apps and data secure with our cloud security solutions. Our specialized IT security team can help create security protocols and access points for ease of use for the people who belong there, and keep the ones who don’t out. With multiple ways to breach, cloud computing needs to be a priority with your enterprise infrastructure.

What we Do

From start to finish, JAR Technologie provides your business the network, portability, and teleconference services that get your IT infrastructure on track. Our consulting team will discover the solution that works for you. Our engineering team will design the right infrastructure for your business and implement your network. Our network managers and security experts will keep your cloud or physical networks running and safe to ensure business continuity. Contact us today for your enterprise IT infrastructure consultation. We are ready to work with you to build the network your company needs to succeed.

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